For two sewage treatment plants of Dutch water board “Brabantse Delta”, Landustrie supplies 3 no. brush aerators, also called aeration rotors. Unique here is the design of the aeration units. Normally the brush aerators are fixed mounted between the side walls of an aeration basin. Now, for this project an in-house developed floating construction is used.

In this way supplementary oxygenation in the existing circulation ditches at WWTP Chaam and WWTP Lage Zwaluwe, is realized. Whenever necessary, the oxygen supply can be increased and adjusted relatively easily with the floating aeration rotors. For Brabantse Delta this is the case during holiday peak season. Before commissioning of the new Landy brush aerator, the unit was extensively tested at Landustrie’s own premises in Sneek.

In addition to brush aerators, Landustrie also supplies Landy slow speed surface aerators, Aerostrip® fine bubble aeration and Landox flow boosters. All concepts enabling the most efficient wastewater treatment process for each client.