At PVSC’s Passaic Valley Wastewater Treatment Plant, two new Landy Archimedes Screw Pumps are in production and scheduled for installation in early 2024.The existing third-party screw pumps, which date from the late 80’s, now suffer from corrosion and fatigue problems and must be replaced. The Passaic Valley WWTP located at Newark, New Jersey is one of the largest & most modern wastewater facilities in the Eastern United States and designed for wet weather treatment capacity of 17.525 m3/s. or 400 MGD.

Due to the enormous scale of these 3.8 m / 150” diameter x 18 m / 59 ft. x 31,070 kg / 68,350 # screws, our chief engineer visited the site to carefully verify all dimensions prior to conducting a detailed Finite Element Analysis to insure the most accurate, optimal and sound screw pump design.

Both screws are being produced in Landustrie’s production facility in Sneek, Netherlands and shipped to the USA together with all additional equipment, such as lower and upper bearing assemblies, and special stainless steel trough liners. The Landy Eco-friendly lower bearings are each equipped with a special water-in-oil detection monitoring & alarm system that provides information to confirm the water-tight integrity of the bearing. In short, a very low maintenance and long-lasting Eco-friendly bearing assembly.

Landustrie was pleased to have obtained the order for this project through its longstanding US partner, EPIC International, Inc.