In the photo from left to right: Grada van der Schoot, management of Hubert Stavoren BV,  Johan Langius, management of Landustrie Sneek BV and Sybrand Metz, management of DeSaH BV.

Landustrie Sneek BV, Hubert Stavoren BV, and DeSaH BV will continue together from Sneek, The Netherlands. Landustrie’s facility, located on Pieter Zeemanstraat where DeSaH is also housed, will soon be expanded with the staff and equipment from Hubert in Stavoren. By joining forces at one location, we can serve the entire water market even faster and more efficiently.

All three companies share a significant common denominator, namely WATER! Both Landustrie and Hubert have been supplying products for (waste)water treatment for over 100 years. Founded in 2004, DeSaH plays an important role in developing technology for sustainable and circular wastewater treatment, as already applied, for example, in the Noorderhoek residential area in Sneek.

Combining all of our joint knowledge and resources offers numerous advantages and new possibilities. This not only leads to more efficient business operations, but it also allows us to strengthen our presence in the water market both nationally and internationally. As you have come to expect from us, we will continue to invest in quality improvement and provide even more customer-oriented solutions.