CO2 Performance Ladder

Mid-May 2018, Landustrie obtained the Dutch CO2 awareness certificate. Our management system for the CO2 awareness of activities now complies with the requirements of level 3 of the handbook CO2 Performance Ladder, version 3.1. The certificate shows that we actually act to reduce our CO2 emissions and carbon footprint. This compliance is made transparent below.

Performance Ladder Social Enterprise

As of January 2023, Landustrie is officially certified according to (highest) step 3 of the Dutch “Prestatieladder Socialer Ondernemen” (Performance Ladder Social Enterprise or PSO). The PSO is TNO’s scientifically substantiated measuring instrument and quality mark that objectively measures and makes visible the degree of social entrepreneurship. The independent assessment by a certifying institution shows that we offer high-quality employment to people with a distance to the labor market. The aim of the PSO is to help more people with a vulnerable labor market position find work in a sustainable and high-quality manner. We do this not only by facilitating workplaces in our own organization, but also by encouraging our suppliers and contractors to engage in social entrepreneurship. We consciously choose to purchase products or services from SWO companies and/or other PSO-certified organisations. This is also referred to as chain stimulation. By getting more organizations to do business in a more socially responsible manner, we will grow together towards a more inclusive society.

People, Planet, Profit

Corporate Social Responsibility is the corporate strategy based on sustainable development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The aspects of ISO 26000 have been included in Landustrie’s Safety, Health and Environment (HSE) policy, to which extensive attention is paid, among other things, from VCA and ISO 9001, in order to integrate CSR into all layers of the organization. This leads to the triple P approach.

From the people point of view, Landustrie primarily focuses on being a good employer. Allowing employees to work safely and offering many development opportunities. A pleasant atmosphere by regularly relaxing with colleagues and their families in addition to work contributes to productivity and fun. The policy is aimed at employing employees permanently after a probationary period. In addition to its own people, Landustrie shares its knowledge and expertise in the field of water in areas where this is necessary.

For Landustrie, planet means actively limiting air, water and soil pollution, noise nuisance, the use of raw materials and limiting material damage. Waste that arises as a result of business activities must be processed in an environmentally conscious and legally permitted manner. The most profit can be made in the field of energy (green electricity, sustainable sources) and transport movements. In addition, actively encouraging frugal behavior is a task for both internal and external stakeholders.

Annually achieving a healthy profit is important for the continuity of Landustrie. Financial resources are necessary for the continuous pursuit of an improving organization. We strive for a financially healthy situation of the organization so that the continuity of Landustrie and thus also the development opportunities of the staff are guaranteed. Making financial resources available with regard to the realization of CSR objectives is central to the policy. However, clear considerations are made in advance with regard to the balance between the three Ps.

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