With a fully automated screw pump selection program the optimum screw pump can be choosen for any particular application.


  • influent pumping stations
  • intermediate pumping stations
  • return sludge pumping stations
  • irrigation projects
  • drainage projects
  • reclamation of wetlands (polders)
  • wild water tracks in fun parks
  • industrial applications
  • storm water applications
  • hydropower scheme

As the screw pump can be applied in different fluid environments from clean to high grit or acidic conditions material selection is crucual to ensuring a long trouble free life time. Landustrie is able to apply different materials and coatings to guarantee trouble free operation in virtually all
water conditions, for the years to come.

Features of Landy screw pump:

  • fish-friendly
  • durable and trouble free
  • high efficiency
  • wide working range
  • low operation costs
  • quiet and protected

Screw troughs are available in several options, varying from concrete to steel, with casting mould, fully self-supporting or tube trough. The same applies to our lower und upper bearings, f.i our Landy Eco-friendly lower bearings with water-in-oil detection, which are zero maintenance in operation.