Our LANDY closed screw centrifugal impeller pumps are ideally suited for situations where power consumption is an important issue. This type of impeller is the new generation single channel impeller performing with high efficiency and good non-clogging performance.


  • best balance between non-clogging and high efficiency
  • suitable for larger volumes
  • reliable principle
  • low impeller wear due to the closed design
  • reduced energy consumption
  • ideal for storm water, irrigation, drainage and dewatering

These pumps for handling sewage and wastewater, are availabe in cast iron and duplex and suitable for both submerged (DTP series) and dry installation (BTP series).

Our BTP-42 pump series (42-40 & 42-41) are also available with sledge construction.

Our LANDY submersible DCP pump with open single channel impeller is ideally suited for slightly contaminated wastewater. This high efficient pump is featured by a compact design, high pressure and non-clogging performance.


  • non-clogging and high efficiency
  • suitable for sewage, drainage, composting and leachate
  • power 1,5 / 2,2 / 2,6 kW
  • high pressure

DCP open impeller