In order to meet high requirements for flexibility, capability, operational reliability, operating costs and the environmental demands of minimal noise and aerosol generation, Landustrie developed the Landox channel aeration system.

The system is based on the well known principle of an oxidation ditch in which both fine bubble aeration and propulsion of the mixed liquor can be independently controlled.
Propulsion is effected by one or more low speed vertical Landox drums, positioned in de bends of the aeration circuit. The rotors are suspended on specially designed Landox upper bearings. Therefore the application of submerged lower bearings is no longer necessary.
Aeration takes place by means of diffusers (ceramic, plastic or membrane) mounted on the bottom of the aeration circuit.

Landox features:

  • high oxygen transfer (3 to 4 kg O2/kWh)
  • low propulsion energy (1.25 to 2.50 W/m3)
  • high overall efficiency
  • lower diffuser density
  • low maintenance and construction costs because of simple channel layout
  • optimal process control by adjustment of aeration capacity, independing on propulsion
  • denitrification is simply realised
  • applicable in existing circuits with surface aerators