Our clarifiers , also called scraper bridges, provide a low-cost separation and removal of suspended solids from wastewater. A high-quality solution for clearing sediment into a sludge tank and removing all floating substances. Our range includes central drive clarifiers and peripheral drive clarifiers, all available with several options.

The clarifier consists of:

  • bridge with walkway in steel, stainless steel or aluminium
  • track drive  on tank wall or on rails
  • peripheral clarifiers with central pivot and bearing on center column
  • bottom scrapers with suspension on the bridge


  • skimmer
  • influent drum around center column, suspension on the bridge
  • 1 or 2 bottom scrapers for possible sludge discharge in tank center
  • gutter cleaning device for sludge discharge

In order to prevent odor nuisance, the tank can be provided with a cover.

Sludge thickeners

We supply complete thickening installations for the treatment of water-rich sludge at sewage and wastewater treatment plants. Sludge thickeners significantly reduce the amount of sludge to be removed or treated accordingly. Our thickeners can be equipped with a concrete or steel tank, with a walkway.

Especially for central driven installations, such as pre-settling tanks and thickeners we offer a central drive system, featured by a long lifespan and low price.