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Penllergare (UK)

A 40 ft LANDY Archimedes screw turbine has been installed next to the waterfall at Penllergare Valley Woods. This screw with a length of 11 m will generate power for the new visitor centre at the estate, while surplus will be fed to the national…

Heudreville-sur-Eure (FRA)

Located in the French river "l'Eure" two LANDY hydropower screw turbines are installed to generate sustainable energy using the actual head of 2 meter. Both screws dimension 3.8 meter diameter.
Hydropower scheme Totnes

Totnes (UK)

Two massive LANDY hydropower Archimedes screw turbines have been shipped to Totnes UK for the new Totnes Weir hydro-electric project. The scheme will generate green energy for some 400 households. Both Landustrie screws dimensioning 3,7…