The order for renovating three Archimedes screw pumps is not remarkable, but the location of Danviken Pump Station however is unique: in a cave in the middle of the city of Stockholm, near the Royal Palace and City Hall.

Landustrie installed three LANDY Archimedes screw pumps with a diameter of 2.60 meter.
Screw length 9.9 m – capacity 9720 m3/h – power 160 kW.
The screw pumps are supplied with eco-friendy lower bearings.

The sewage treatment plant in Stockholm is close to the ferries. The black water (human faeces) from the ferry, is pumped in to the STP via the screw pumps. As this water is very aggressive, the screw troughs are finished with duplex stainless steel and the screw coating is even more stringent.