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Largest WWTP in Europe

Landustrie supplies 67 no. surface aerators for one of the largest wastewater treatment plants in Europe. The delivery will be spread over the next four years and includes aerators with a diameter of 2900 and 3200 mm. The high-efficiency surface aerators of the Landy-7 type enable the highest possible aeration efficiency and contribute to lower […]

Windsor hydropower screw turbines

Great footage of our hydropower screw turbines for Windsor Castle in BBC’s Countryfile Royal Special 2018. Late 2011 two Archimedes hydropower screw turbines were installed at Romney weir on the River Thames to power both the Royal Castle as well as local households. The Landy screws dimension 4 meter diameter, 6 meter long and capacity […]

French project in Alsace approaches final stage

Hydropower scheme Steinsau Recently the LANDY hydropower screw turbines are installed in the existing dam, in the Ill river at Erstein. A total of six Archimedes screws, each with a diameter of 2.5 meters and a weight of 7 tons, will produce aprrox a million kWh per year. Renewable energy intended for some 250 households. […]

Largest hydropower screw

Largest hydropower screw At Landustrie’s premises in Sneek, The Netherlands, the so far largest hydropower screw is manufactured. The 5 meter diameter screw will generate some 355 kW of sustainable energy. Final transport to the UK took place by ship at Landustrie’s own quayside.

Archimedes screws largest in diameter

Hydropower scheme North Yorkshire, UK At the quayside of Landustrie Sneek BV two large hydropower screw turbines, with a total weight of 64 tons, were boarded. Both Archimedes screws head for North Yorkshire, England. With a diameter of 4.5 meters, these are the largest screws manufactured by Landustrie so far and therefore too large for […]

Upgrade nine pumping stations

Noorderzijlvest Water Board On Wednesday, 7 December 2016, at the Groningen sewage pumping station, the Water Board and Landustrie Sneek BV signed the agreement for the renovation of nine pumping stations. The large order of more than a million Euros includes not only the realisation of the renovation work, but a three-year management and maintenance […]

Opening Dutch hydro power scheme

river Dommel, The Netherlands On Saturday November 5, 2016 the first Dutch cooperative hydro power scheme will be opened officially. The initial test results were successful and the green electricity is already generated by means of the Landustrie hydropower screw turbine. This new hydro power scheme is located at the existing weir in river Dommel, […]

New cutter pump design

DSP pump series expanded The renowned Landy grinder pumps, with unique cutting system (series DSP) now are available in a compact and lighter design. By adjusting the pump housing and motor housing a compact pump with a weight of only 35 kg has been realised. During inspection or maintenance work the pump can easily be lifted […]

Successful testing new pumpseries

Landy cutter pumps The new-built dry-installed cutter pump series type BSP have been tested. Test results turned out to be successful and pump performance is equal to the renowned submersible cutter pump series DSP. The LANDY heavy duty cutter pumps are specially designed for sewage and wastewater applications that do not allow for large solids […]