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Multiple weedscreen cleaners for canal infrastruct

Landustrie, together with its Tunisian representative EMC Entreprise Mongi Charabi, supplied 5 no. of LANDY weed screen cleaners with electrotechnical equipment, and also supervised the commissioning and start-up on site. The canal water is used for irrigation purposes and also processed into drinking water. The project aims to modernize the infrastructure and respond to the […]

Havannah Weir hydropower scheme

Landustrie Sneek BV received the order for the supply of one (1) Landy Archimedes screw turbine for Havannah Weir, located in a new intake on the river Dane, near Congleton (Cheshire, UK). This sustainable green project is initiated by Dane Valley Community Energy, in cooperation with Derwent Hydro Developments Ltd. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic […]

Floating brush aerator solves oxygen deficiency

For two sewage treatment plants of Dutch water board “Brabantse Delta”, Landustrie supplies 3 no. brush aerators, also called aeration rotors. Unique here is the design of the aeration units. Normally the brush aerators are fixed mounted between the side walls of an aeration basin. Now, for this project an in-house developed floating construction is […]

Safety first

After an in-house course all our production and field service employees are in the possession of a certificate Safe Hoisting and Hoisting/Attaching Loads. Not only has a practical exam been taken, all legal safety regulations and procedures have also been dealt with. High-risk situations involving hoisting tools and equipment are recognized and appropriate action taken. […]

Archimedes screw pumps arrive in Vancouver

Three Landy Archimedes screw pumps are on their way to British Columbia, arriving in Vancouver (CND). These pumps are for industrial use, dimensioning 2,5 m diameter and 14 m length. Material of these screws is stainless steel.

Archmides screw used in silo storage

In 2019 and 2020, Landustry supplied ESI Eurosilo in Purmerend, The Netherlands with a total of 35 no. dangerous-looking screws, i.e. screw conveyors. Striking of the screws is the notched flight and the material used, in this case Creusabro 4800. Creusabro is a high performance wear resistant steel. The screw conveyors are used in coal and […]

New STP Reco Lab, Helsingborg (S)

The new city district Oceanhamnen, part of the H+ project in Helsingborg (Sweden) will implement a new innovative and sustainable wastewater treatment facility. The new residences and office buildings will be equipped with vacuum toilets and kitchen grinders. Black and grey wastewater will be collected and treated separated at source. For this new wastewater treatment plant Landustrie […]

Renexpo Interhydro Salzburg

29 -30 November 2018 We look forward to welcome you at the Renexpo Interhydro, the largest water power exhibition with congress, at the Exhibition Center in Salzburg. Together with our business partner Ingenieurbüro Lashofer, we will be exhibiting our LANDY hydropower screw turbines at booth no A17. For free entrance ticket please register here

LANDY screw pumps for Chile’s capital Santiago

For the largest WWTP in Latin America, Landustrie will supply 5 new Archimedes screw pumps.  These LANDY screws are positioned in the inlet pumping station of WWTP La Farfana to handle some 6 to 7 hundred thousand m3 of wastewater per day. Before the contract was awarded, the bidders had to comply with substantial tender […]