In the field of surface aeration Landustrie has a long history and broad experience.

Landustrie designs, manufactures, supplies, installs and maintains many types of aeration systems, with either surface aerators, aeration rotors, diffusers and Landox flow boosters.

Since the introduction of our own full-scale aeration test tank and the availibility of substantial process know-how, Landustrie is a leading player in aeration technology.
In our test rig the characteristics of our Landy aerators are constantly researched. With these test facilities an optimal aeration selection can be realised.

Testing possibilities :

  • oxygenation capacity
  • power consumption and starting current
  • efficiencies
  • axial and radial forces
  • vibration and noise level
  • flow velocities

Also a special toolbox has been developed for checking the functioning of surface aerators in relation to actual load. Savings achieved with this aeration scan can be as much as 30 %.

In order to fullfil the growing demand of temporary aeration installations, Landustrie offers the hire of a floating Landy-7 slow speed surface aerator, with or without floating construction.

Surface aerators

Landy surface aerators are characterized by the following features:

  • high and constant efficiency
  • extreme low reaction forces
  • excellent mixing qualities
  • simply regulated
  • wide oxygenation range
  • wide range of applications
  • simple and robust construction
  • self cleaning
  • low maintenance costs

The efficiencies that can be obtained with low speed aerators depend on a number of factors. One important factor is the geometry of the basin in which the aerator will be installed. The Landy aerator can be installed in either a fixed or a floating arrangement. Regarding the geometry of the basins the options are virtually unlimited: square or rectangular tanks, round tanks, shallow or deep tanks, oxidation ditches, MBR- and SBR systems, lagoons, ponds, mixing or buffer tanks.

Brush aerators

For simple and efficient aeration in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants Landustrie supplies two standard aeration rotors:

Landy 700 and Landy 1000 resp. with aeration capacities of 54 kgO 2/h and 85 kgO2/h with maximum rotor lengths of 9 m.

At special request of our clients these rotors can be supplied with other dimensions as well.
Aeration capacities can be effected by variation of rotational speed or immersion depth.

Features :

  • high efficiency
  • solid and reliable construction
  • low maintenance costs
  • wide range of capacities
  • long liftetime
  • low energy cost

Fine bubble diffusers

For both industrial and municipal wastewater treatment Landustrie also supplies aeration systems with fine bubble diffusers.

Fine bubble diffusers can be easily combined with the LANDOX flow booster for creating an optimal flow.

With our process know-how and experience we are able to select the most efficient aeration configuration for our clients.