For the WWTP Kalundborg, located on the northwestern coast of Zealand, Denmark, Landustrie supplied three (3) Landy Archimedes screw pumps with steel compact troughs. The existing intermediate pumping station had to be refurbished in order to meet the demand for higher capacities and lift. All this resulting in higher efficiency as well.

The Landy screws measure 1150 mm in diameter, with a capacity each of 1067 m3/h (in parallel some 3200 m3/h). Typical for a compact type screw, is that the drive unit is fully integrated in the steel trough construction. This compact trough enables simple mounting/demounting and faster installation. Each screw is installed with aluminum covers, and Landy eco-friendly lower bearings. These bearings are characterised by low maintenance and 3D self-alignment.

Landustrie supervised the commissioning of the screw pumps, carried out by Watergroup’s (Landustrie’s long time agent in Denmark) experienced technicians. A complicating factor was that the wastewater treatment plant had to remain operational while the commissioning was in progress.