Noorderzijlvest Water Board

On Wednesday, 7 December 2016, at the Groningen sewage pumping station, the Water Board and Landustrie Sneek BV signed the agreement for the renovation of nine pumping stations. The large order of more than a million Euros includes not only the realisation of the renovation work, but a three-year management and maintenance plan is also part of the order.
“This is a fantastic project for Landustrie to take on”, says project leader Sjoerd Stelwagen. “Especially since the tender process was in line with the ‘Best Value Procurement’ (BVP). To us, this is acknowledgement of the fact that we have the knowledge and expertise to properly carry out such a project from start to finish.”

Best Value Procurement is a procurement method where participating market parties are assessed according to the principle that most value must be obtained at the lowest price within a project. Although it is a rather broad concept, the method is used to select parties that excel in their field.

Landustrie will be fully responsible for the entire realisation of this Groningen project. The pumping stations concerned include Altena, Nieuw Roden, Leermens, Oosterwijtwerd, Westeremden, Ulrum, Saaksum, Garnwerd and DOMO-Bedum.