Sluice III in the Wilhelminakanaal near Tilburg is equipped with a Landustrie hydropower screw pump. This means that the installation is used both to pump water and also to generate sustainable energy for approx. 200 households. The project is initiated by Rijkswaterstaat, part of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. Landustrie is responsible for the design of this innovative hydropower screw turbine and supplies both the mechanical and electrical equipment. The main function of the screw pump is to monitor the water level in the upper reach of the Wilhelminakanaal. As a subsidiary function the screw generates renewable energy when water should be discharged. The screw pump is equipped with a movable chute point in order to accommodate both functions. Another special feature is the fish-friendly version of the hydropower screw. It is the longest screw installed in the Netherlands so far. The screw dimensions 20.5 meter long and 3.4 meter diameter.

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