In the spring of 2016 the construction of a new hydropower plant in the Dommel river near Sint-Michielsgestel started. The existing dam in the river is equipped with a Landustrie hydropower screw and will generate renewable energy for approximately 200 households.

The Dommelstroom project is the first cooperative hydropower power plant in the Netherlands, initiated by Bram and Jan Taks, father and son, both of Energy Cooperative Dommelstroom. The project is funded by means of crowd funding, all investors become co-owners of the plant.

The LANDY hydropower screw dimensions 4 meter in diameter and 6 meter in length. The semi-compact screw will be supplied with a self-supporting metal trough. Both generator and gearbox will be positioned on a separate concrete foundation. The LANDY hydropower screw is completely fish-friendly. Landustrie acts as the main contractor commissioned by Energy Cooperative Dommelstroom. This first Dutch cooperative hydropower scheme will be officially opened November 5th, 2016.

Watch our movie about realisation of this project.

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