Landustrie Sneek BV received the order for the supply of one (1) Landy Archimedes screw turbine for Havannah Weir, located in a new intake on the river Dane, near Congleton (Cheshire, UK).
This sustainable green project is initiated by Dane Valley Community Energy, in cooperation with Derwent Hydro Developments Ltd.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic our team of mechanics were unable to perform the commissioning in the UK. However, under Landustrie’s supervision, local parties perfectly managed to install the large screw turbine themselves. The site was really constrained and difficult to access.
Footage of the erection at site can be seen here (made by Dane Valley Community Energy Ltd).

The Landy screw dimensions 2,5 m diameter and produces 65 kW of energy, enough for powering some 60 households. It is a semi-compact screw unit, which means the screw trough is self-supporting.