An important position is taken by the R&D department which takes care that Landustrie is able to anticipate on new developments in the market.
As a result of this investment policy Landustrie owns a full-scale test tank in which the Landy surface aerators can be tested.
Landustrie still is a leading company in the field of aeration technology and in this quality also member of the European Norm Commission for oxygen measurements.

Landustrie developed a fish friendly screw pump based on the existing construction of the Landy screw pump. The screw construction has been adjusted in such way that fish can pass through the screw without being damaged. Most critical points were the entrance of the screw, clearance between trough and blades, and between side rail and blades.

Landustrie’s latest screw pump bearing is the Landy Eco-friendly lower bearing, with following features:

  • no maintenance and no grease costs
  • 3-dimensional self-aligning
  • eco-friendly lubricated for lifetime of the bearing
  • no grease pump and grease lines
  • easy to install
  • exchangeable with existing bearings
  • lower investment costs
  • no spare parts required
  • completely enclosed unit

Landustrie produced a new floating unit for their low speed surface aerator, type Landy-7.

This construction is applied mostly in SBR (sequencing batch reactor) systems and lagoons, in which the water level strongly fluctuates.

Now the new generation of Landy surface aerators can be supplied as a contemporary floating unit.
With this new design a greater stability during operation of the aerator is achieved. The complete units, aerator with drive unit, are for rent as well.

In order to simulate realistic operating conditions for all constructions designed, Landustrie uses the FEM method (Finite Elements Method).
This method is especially suitable for strength- and stability calculations.

The main advantage of this method, compared to traditional calculations, can be achieved with aerators, pump impellers, screw pumps, Landox, tanks, vessels, valves, bridges etc.

It is also possible to simulate the dynamic behaviour of a construction