Landustrie: Projects

Harrison Hot Springs, Canada

Landustrie supplied two LANDY Archimedes screw pumps for flood control in the village of Harrrison Hot Springs, Fraser Valley, Canada. The screw pumps replaced the existing axial pump and had to meet increased environmental requirements and ensure fish survival rate exceeding 90%. 

For this project a special wristband around the outside diameter of the screw has been developed by Landustrie. This unique fish friendly design prevents damage to fish at the inlet where the blade and trough interface meet.

Both screws are 2.8 meters in diameter and 9 meters in length. 

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PS Bangor City

Click to enlargePumping Station Luke's Point

Landustrie supplied two Landy Archimedes screw pumps for doubling the capacity of water storage in the underground storm water bassin at Pumping Station Luke's Point (Northern Ireland Water).

With a capacity of 1,200 l/sec these screw pumps enable the station to deal with heavy rainfall and reduce flooding.

Both screws dimension 1950 mm diameter and 6 meter long. Special feature is the use of eco-friendly stainless steel lower bearings which allow for 3-dimensional self-alignment.

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