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Large hydropower scheme in Alsace

Weir Steinsau, Erstein (F)

An existing weir at the River Ill, near Erstein, will be equipped with 6 Landy hydropower screws.
The weir dates back to the end of the 19th century, and ensures that at high water, the lower regions of Erstein and Strasbourg do not flood. Part of the restoration and renovation of the weir is the installation of hydropower screws to generate sustainable energy.

At the tender, issued by ACAL, the innovative design of the Landustrie hydropower screw solution turned out to be key. The screws will each generate about 30 kW of energy at a capacity of 3 m3/sec and a head of 1.4 m. The commissioning of the hydroelectric station will be mid 2017.

For Landustrie it is the seventh hydropower project in France, in which totally 16 hydropower screws are installed.

Weir Steinsau, Alsace

Weir Steinsau, Alsace